Selecting a Private School

There are many factors which effect your decision when selecting a private school. As a parent, you know what is best for your child, as well as what your family culture, schedule, and financial needs are. Make a note of what is important for your child and you, taking into consideration academics and methods of teaching. Keep in mind how your child learns best and what challenges and motivates your child.

When visiting a private school, ask what happens if your child falls behind and what steps will be taken to get him/her back on track. If your child is more advanced, ask how your child’s gifts will be developed if the remainder of the class does not share these gifts.

Even though your child may be young, look at the older children’s work. It won’t be long before your child is entering kindergarten or elementary school.

Finding out what is happening with the school’s graduates offers insight. Were they successful when they left the school? Where did they go to school next?

Finally, does the school environment feel like a place you would want to spend time? Do you have a level of trust for the school facility? Do you see evidence of active learning? Do the children look happy and engaged?