Learn about our Preschool, Kindergarten, & Elementary Curricula.

Learning Math in a Montessori School

Meaningful & Interrelated

In the Montessori class, all disciplines are integrated. Math and language skills, knowledge of scientific principles, geography, history, art, foreign languages, and music complement each other and are applied together to make each lesson meaningful and interrelated.

Each lessons employs all three modes of learning – visual, auditory, and kinesthetic through manipulative materials – to open up the world for all students. The children follow though with their studies individually and in small groups proceeding at their own pace of learning.

Preschool Curricula

Preschool students are learning to become a member of a larger community, learning to communicate, participate, and cooperate with peers and teachers. Children three to five years old are in a period of intense language development and are exploring and ordering their world. The classroom is designed to provide activities to expand their vocabulary and guide their development of number concepts.


Preschool Curricula in Montessori School in Sugar Land Texas
Kindergarten Curricula in a Montessori School

Kindergarten Curricula

Kindergarten is a year of leadership. Kindergarten students are models for younger children and assist them in becoming members of the community. Academically, the Kindergarten year is the culmination of their work. They use the skills and concepts that they have been building to move to the next level of language and math. They become readers and develop numeracy.


Elementary Curricula

Elementary students have mastered their environment in the Primary class and now will embark on a journey to master their world. In the Elementary class, children are learning to plan and organize their work, manage time, and cooperate with others, while developing self-confidence, self-discipline, and responsibility. They are improving and expanding their language and math skills and are using these skills as tools to explore the world of geography, science, and history.

Elementary Curricula in a Montessori School - Sugar Land TX